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Hey y’all! It’s Sav here… extremely excited because, I’m finally starting a blog!!

Most of you are probably here after having connected with me on Instagram or other social media outlets. Y’all probably know me as the sick girl who has an extreme love for all things related to Disney and Musical Theatre.

Okay that’s pretty accurate but, let me give a quick overview introduction for any newbies!

My name is Savannah Cooper, most people call me Sav! I am from Lexington, Kentucky—home of college basketball, horses, and all things UK BLUE! I am currently a sophomore in college, majoring in Music Theatre. My dream is to become a Broadway performer, while also continuing my work with SavSTRONG.

I am a dancer, singer, actress, Disney gal and sports fan. Growing up in Lexington, KY I know all about a good college sports rivalry and the seriousness of March Madness. I am a die-hard UK fan, go cats!! My family is also huge on Disney. I mean HUGE! My mom worked for Disney, and passed down her love to the rest of us. When I was a kid, we would go to Disney World five times a year! Most of my favorite family memories are from time spent in Disney World. Now, we go at least once a year and I love everything about it. Alright, enough about Disney…let’s focus!!!


I have been dancing since the age of two! Crazy…I know. As a little girl, I found comfort in pink tights, sparkly black leotards, and ballet shoes. I spent many days in the dance studio and eventually got into the crazy world of competitive dancing.

I have a younger sister, Sophia who is an incredible dancer!! We both attended Diana Evans School of Dance and became a part of the “Advanced Placement” competitive dance group at a very young age. Sophia and I are only 19 months apart. We danced together daily growing up, and traveled across the country attending dance competitions. My closest friends were made at the dance studio, and I miss it every day!


In 4th grade I started attending a performing arts school. I was a dance major until 7th grade and then switched to become a Theatre major. Not only was I dancing all hours of the night after school, but attending this performing arts school gave me the opportunity to dance during the school day!! It was a little dancers dream come true. Eventually, I moved on to high-school and was still enrolled in the performing arts school. In high-school I was a Theatre major and continued pursuing my dream of one day performing on Broadway. My senior year I went through the crazy process of auditioning for the top Musical Theatre programs across the country. I was accepted at my dream school and am now a sophomore Music Theatre major at Baldwin Wallace University.

*Our production of Kinky Boots at Baldwin Wallace University!*


Now, I’m working towards my dream of becoming a Broadway performer while continuing my advocacy work with my non-profit, SavSTRONG.

Thats a pretty full snapshot of my life! You might have noticed I didn’t really mention my illness well…that’s because it’s a story for another day! Believe me, it deserves an entire post of its own. For now, you can know me as the sports fan, Disney loving, singer, dancer, and actress…Savannah!

Thank you all for connecting with me and for taking the time to check out SavSTRONG. I am so excited to share more on my blog, and let you all in on some more of my crazy life.

xoxo, Sav

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